KIWI Design Aluminum Housing USB 3.2 Link Cable For Oculus Quest 2 (Black) (KW-QC-7-US)

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Kiwi Aluminum Housing USB 3.2 Link Cable

  • Support 5Gbps Data Transfer and 3A Fast Charging - KIWI design customized link cable fits Quest 2, hits the USB 3.2 5Gbps standard for fast data transfer and supports 3A fast charging, so your Quest 2 remains charged under the heavy workload. Just unlock the power of your PC and ready to play. (Note: Charging capability and overall speed depend on the quality of your motherboard and your pc power supply.)

  • User-friendly Design with Magic Strap - It has a 90-degree USB-C head that's perfect for Oculus Link. Not only makes it easier to plug and unplug, but also reduces the physical pressure on your headset port. The attached Velcro strap helps our cable to fit closely with your quest to achieve stable signal transmission, simultaneously it protects your USB port from disaster, especially in motion-heavy PC VR games

  • Enhanced Durability and Certified Safety - This cable is powered by premium fiber-optic strands, which reduce weight, increase speed, and enhance flexibility. It can bear 10000+ bending tests, and has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards. Thanks to our customer's feedback, we know that you are always disturbed by disconnection, lag, poor image quality, and quickly broken. KIWI design do great effort to solve these problems to ensure your smooth VR experience

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