BOBOVR Twin Charger Station for Charging B2 Battery Pack (BD2-1)

BOBOVRSKU: 1000000011070

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  • Dual charging design: The charging station adopts a very thin and simple language design, which saves desktop space and has 2 charging positions, which can charge 2 BOBOVR B2 battery packs at the same time;
  • Magnetic connection: The charging station uses a strong magnetic connection to fix the B2 battery pack, which can be easily and quickly hot-swapped charging;
  • Multiple protection: The charging station circuit is controlled by a special chip, which automatically controls the current and voltage during charging, which can effectively ensure the charging safety and charging efficiency of the B2 battery pack;
  • Convenient charging: the total output power of the charging station supports a maximum of 15W. In a laboratory environment, each B2 battery pack can be fully charged in about 3 hours;
  • Redundant design: The magnetic charging interface adopts a multi-point redundant design, and uses a gold-plated process to ensure long-term stability

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