Pulsar X2A Ambidextrous Symmetrical Ultralight Wireless Gaming Mouse Demon Slayer Shinazugawa Sanemi Limited Ed. Size 2 (PX2A2SN)

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The new Pulsar X2-A Ambidextrious Gaming Mouse Sanemi has a unique design that is perfect for the left-handed thanks to the side buttons on both sides. In addition to the side buttons, the X2-A has Sanemi optical switches, which are light-based detection mechanisms, perfect for those who want fast and accurate response. The side buttons are also magnetic and removable to modify the mouse just the way you want it.

The heart of the mouse is a truly innovative Pixart PAW3395 sensor with phenomenal parameters. Its maximum acceleration is kept at 50G and the maximum tracking speed is 650 IPS. The cursor speed can be adjusted from 50 to as much as 26000 DPI. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the sensor accurately registers the movement of your hand and perfectly reflects it during the game.

The design of the mouse and its ergonomic shape ensure comfortable use without the feeling of wrist fatigue, and low weight allows you to control every movement with ultimate precision.


Connection 2.4GHz, USB
Wireless Yes
Sensor model PixArt PAW3395
Sensor Optical
Switch type Optical
DPI 26000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Ambidextrous Yes
Scroll wheel Yes
Colour Beige, Green, Pink
IPS 650
Encoder Pulsar Blue
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
MCU Nordic nRF52820
Width 63 mm
Depth 120.4 mm
Height 38 mm
Weight 57 g

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