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FPS Controller Module Mainly Fits For Games Such As “PUBG” And Other FPS Games
FPS controller module has been design in a way to bypass software limitations, so users can compete with the touch-screen users without being annoyed by the “anti-cheat” systems

Six-finger Operation Move Accurately
FPS controller module has 7 built-in function buttons: 5 front buttons, 2 shoulder buttons. If you like to use dual weapons in your competition, you may usually control it like this: Use the left thumb to control the joystick to move accurately; use the left index finger to control the shoulder trigger button; use the right thumb to touch the screen to adjust the shooting angle, use the right index finger to control the 1st shoulder button to fire, use the right middle finger to control the 2nd shoulder button to open the scope.

The main reason why users can play Android games with the built-in controller on the XP is because it has a built-in "key mapping" tool. Compared with third-party Bluetooth controller, the XP controller is physically connected, ensuring zero delay and zero disconnection. We also worked hard on a “controller mapping” software. By modifying some low level code of the system, the XP enables the controller to simulate touch-screen operations. Users can compete against touch-screen users without having to worry about having their accounts being banned, victory with a gamepad is now possible.

The “key mapping” icon corresponds to the function keys of the controller. The setup process is very simple. According to your preferences, please slide the "key mapping" icons on the screen to the virtual function keys of the game, and then save. The key mapping of the controller will take effect.

In the “FPS Controller” mode, 15 icons corresponding to each of the 15 physical button built-in the gamepad controller are provided. Among them, the mapping buttons "L1" and "5" can be combined to make a gamepad shortcut, allowing to turn M16 into M416 immediately.

MOBA Control Module Is a Great Asser To Lead Your Team To Victory
In the "MOBA controller" mode, players only need to map the 8 function keys on the left. Because there is no controller attached on the right side, it's more comfortable to reach the touch-screen and to make us of it to ply games. Players can in example select the mapping icon "L2" to press one key to change weapons, switch other items, or skills.

The World’s Only Android Handheld Game Console Using Magnetic Module To Achieve The Physical Connection
GPD creative modular controller adopts magnetic suction design to achieve the physical connection. Plug and play, no need to charge, stable and reliable. The built-in 5mm NdFeB permanent magnet closely interlocked 12 pins and 12 contacts together, and it needs about 1.1kg tensile force to pull them apart. So it is very stable, and it's not going to break without an important external force.

XP is designed to be equipped with the same original ALPS double 3D big joysticks as WIN 3. It protrudes out and has the characteristics of large stroke, great travel distance, small resistance to improve accuracy. Come and enjoy Android games with this console! Those joysticks are comfortable and can compete with Japan’s top-class joysticks such as Seimitsu joystick and Sanwa joystick. It also supports L3/R3 function.

The World’s Only Android Handheld Game Console With A Built-in Active Fan For Heat Dissipation
XP is the world’s only Android handheld game console that supports an active cooling design. It uses a 47×58mm pure copper cooling fin and a 40×37mm large air volume turbine cooling fan. The button on the top is to turn on/off the fan and is operated by fingers, so players can flexibly control the heat dissipation for the console body. The core temperature will be controlled below 60℃ to prevent the game from getting stuck.

Built-in AAC Top-class Stereo Super-linear Loudspeaker
The AAC top-class stereo super-linear dual loudspeaker is built in the console body. When the sound cavity is equipped with BASS material, it is equivalent to the large cavity design of 0.9cc. Double coils drive the vibrating core, balancing the force on the latter, and doubling the amplitude. The sound then becomes quite loud!

Support SIM Cards And 4G High-speed Internet Access, Offering A Great Online Streaming Experience
The XP supports mobile internet connection to play games anytime, anywhere. Users are able to use the two card slots either to put two Nano-SIM cards or a combination of one Nano-SIM card + one microSDXC card. It supports any 4G mobile communication provider, including TD-LTE and FDD-LTE . Because we want to offer to users the most immersive experience; knowing that nothing is worse than a phone call while playing games; we decided to remove the Android built-in phone call function; in order for the user not to have to find a bad excuse for not answering phone calls on the device.

Share With Anyone By Text And Voice, Watch Short Videos, Anytime And Anywhere
Although the phone call function is removed, it doesn’t affect contact with your friends. You can still communicate with them by text and voice anytime and anywhere through instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WeChat).

You can also use other APP (such as TikTok, Likee, and Triller) to watch short videos, or turn on your camera to record your own short videos and upload them.

Support MicroSDXC Card To Extend The Capacity, Can Store Up To 2TB Of Games And Apps
GPD XP supports MicroSDXC cards up to 2TB of storage capacity, which means you can store up to 2TB of emulator games or apps on a MicroSDXC card, making it your true portable database.

Built-in 7000mAh Super-large Battery Capacity, Allowing Users To Play Games For Around 12 Hours Continuously
The XP has a 7000mAh super-large polymer lithium battery. It is powered with a 20W PD quick charging technology, which only takes 2.3 hours to fully charge. Since XP has a GPD Metro UI interface based on the Android 11 native system, there is no irrelevant APP, ads or useless programs. Regarding the battery life allows you use the device continuously for around 12 hours.

6.81-inch Screen, Small In Size, Easy To Carry Out. Play Games Wherever You Go!
The GPD XP features a curved 6.81 inches bright screen with rounded corners, made of Corning 5th Generation Gorilla glass, with a resolution of 1080:2400, a ratio of 87.1% and a scale of 9:20. It's brightness spike is 500nits; with a NTSC color rate of 84%(typ) which provides an amazing view and can be carried out as a cell phone.






Condenser, multi-touch, support up to 10 points

Size 6.81-inch Sunshine Screen (1080 x 2400), Corning 5th generation gorilla glass
Materials of Main Screen TFT LCD(IPS)
Screen Pixel Density 388ppi
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Anti-fingerprint Protective Film Support
Screen Fit Technology OGS
Screen-to-Body Ratio 0.871
Display Brightness 500nits
Contrast Ratio 1500:1
NTSC 84%(typ)
Camera Front camera, off-screen camera, single lens, ISP:5.0 MP



MediaTek Helio G95,8核(2×ARM Cortex-A76 @2050MHz,6×ARM Cortex-A55 @2000MHz)

GPU ARM Mali-G76 MC4 @900MHz
ROM 128GB,UFS 2.1
Memory Card microSDXC, microSD, microSDHC
Extended Storage Max. 2TB (microSDXC)
Heat Dissipation Mode Single fan, Active heat dissipation
Loudspeaker AAC top-class stereo super-linear dual loudspeaker
Camera off-screen camera, front single lens, ISP: 5.0 MP
Battery Type polymer lithium battery, not be demolished
Battery Capacity 7000mAh
Charger 20W PD 2.0 charger

Network and Connection

4G Network

Mobile network only, can’t make phone calls: TD-LTE (CMCC), FDD-LTE (China Unicom, China Telecom)

3G/2G Network Mobile network only, can’t make phone calls: China Unicom 3G (WCDMA), China Unicom 2G/CMCC 2G (GSM)
Frequency Band 2G: GSM B3/8
4G: TDD-LTE B34/38/39/40/41
4G: FDD-LTE B1/2/3/5/7/8/12/17/20/26/28
SIM Card Type Double cards (Can select 2 types of cards from 3 types of cards, double Nano-SIM card, or Nano-SIM card + microSDXC card)
WLAN Function 2.4 G / 5 G dual-band Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Display
GPS GPS, A-GPS technology, GLONASS, Beidou Navigation, Galileo
Connection and Share WLAN Hotspot


Controller Connection Mode

Physical connection achieved by magnetic suction gold connecting fingers, dual NdFeB permanent magnet with a diameter of 5mm, need 1.1 kg tension force

All Keys Mapping Controller Mode Original ALPS double 3D big joystick, support L3; shoulder key: L1/L2; imitated PSV cross key; 7 customized physical mapping keys
Half Keys Mapping Controller Mode Original ALPS double 3D big joystick, support L3; shoulder key: L1/L2; imitated PSV cross key; shoulder key: L1/L2; imitated PSV cross key
Xbox/PS3 Controller Mode Original ALPS double 3D big joystick, support L3/R3; shoulder key: L1/L2/R1/R2; ABXY / △○×□ double character screen printing; select/start key; imitated PSV cross key; Android three buttons (□○△) physical navigation keys; key mapping activation button

Interface and Function Keys

Headphone Jack

1 x 3.5mm headset/microphone 2-in-1 interface

Charging and Digital Port 1 × USB Type C
Charge Indicator Support
Exterior Port 2 x Exterior port
Microphone Port 2 x MIC port
Volume +/- Button Support
Power Button Support
SIM Card Slot 1 x Multiple card slot
Air Intake Hole Yes
Air Outlet Hole Yes

Functions and Services

Sensor Type

Gravity sensor, gyroscope, compass

Audio Support PCM/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/MP3/AMR–NB/WB/FLAC/WAV, etc.
Video Coding H.264, H.265/HEVC, etc.
Video Coding Frame Rate 4K 30FPS, full HD120FPS, high-definition 240FPS
Video Decoding H.264, H.265/HEVC, VP-9, etc.
Frame Rate of Video Decoding 4K 30FPS, full HD 120FPS, HD 240FPS
Picture Type Support JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP, etc.
Business Function Flight mode, screen recording, screen projection, fan switch control, DND mode, power-saving mode, FM station
Game Function Android mobile game (MOBA, FPS), simulator games (PSP, PS, Arcade, N64, NDS, DC, MD, etc.), cloud games (Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud, Sony PS Now), local streaming games (Xbox One, PS4, desktop with NVIDIA graphics card)

External Dimension


Straight Type

Material LG-DOW 121H impact-resistant aviation ABS synthetic resin, UV-sprayed surface
Color Black Iron Color
Length 233mm (Xbox controller mode), 216mm (FPS controller mode), 205mm (MOBA controller mode)
Width 83mm
Thickness 18mm (Thickness of the console body), 41mm (vertical height from the joystick to the grip)
Weight 370g (Xbox controller mode), 350g (FPS controller mode), 330g (MOBA controller mode)

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