NieR Gestalt / Replicant Music Box (Emil - Sacrifice) Pre-Order Downpayment

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Own your own part of the orchestra with this hand-cranked music box!

The box is encased in a ghostly translucent white case, with inner details in silver, so you catch glimpses of whimsical mechanical movements involved in presenting you with the fantastic piece “Emil / Sacrifice”.

Product Size: Approx. W 2.4” x D 2” x H 1.6” 

    Take note that this is just a preorder downpayment SKU. You are not yet paying for the final pricing/ SRP of the item. Final pricing will be announced closer to item's release. Below are additional details for your further reference:

    Pre-order downpayment: ₱200.00
    Estimated SRPs*: ₱900.00 -  ₱995.00
    Tentative release date**: November 2022

    * Prices indicated are only estimates and can vary slightly upon release.
    ** The release date provided above is only preliminary and is subject to change.

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