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To rebuild Phantasia, Reimu journeys to find the Fragments of Memories. The key to rebuilding is Danmaku Kagura. To rebuild the Phantasia and unveil the truth of its destruction, Reimu have to gather Mitama cards, the Fragments of Memories. Reimu's unending journey, begins.

Marisa begins her own journey to find Reimu. Will the two, ever meet eye to eye?

Two different rhythm game experiences

Kagura Stage
- In this mode you hit the notes at the right moment!
- You can stack up combos and get a high score by hitting the notes consecutively, coming through the 6 lanes.
- Over 160* arranged Touhou music will be playable with 4 different difficulties! *Includes music from paid DLCs

Danmaku Stage
- A totally new game experience that combines Danmaku shoot 'em up & Rhythm games!
- Hit the notes on the sides rhythmically and deal great damage to the boss!
- Complete missions set for each stages and beat the stage!

Collector Edition Includes: 
1. Extra Music package vol.1~4
2. Special package box
3. Artbook
4. Japanese mini novel
5. Original soundtrack (6pcs per pack)
Includes: 3 postcards & exclusive case


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Tentative Release Date***:  September 5, 2024

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