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Switch Echo - first of its kind comes as a portable speaker, a power bank and a kickstand designed for Nintendo Switch. It pumps out 3x of dBs than the sound generated from the stock game console and it doubles the playtime with an 8000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. The charging stand offers 3 adjustable angles that further amplifies your Nintendo Switch gaming experience.

Switch Echo incorporates two powerful speakers to provide 3x dBs than the original console.

  • Double The Playtime - Switch Echo provides 8000mAh of juice to charge your Nintendo Switch. Simply plug and play. Dock your console on the Switch Echo and adjust for the best viewing angle.
  • Charge Any Devices On The Go - Switch Echo comes with a standard USB-A charging port that enables charging your Nintendo Switch and other smart devices. An extra power bank is a thing of the past.
  • Improved Kickstand - Switch Echo has an improved kickstand which offers exceptional stability and provides multiple viewing angles that suits your plays.
  • Truly Portable - Switch Echo is a compact and travel-friendly device with only 22mm thick that fits easily into a small bag or backpack.

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