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  1. The manual is applicable to the company's design and production of switch 2.4G wireless keyboard.
  2. Switch 2.4G wireless keyboard is designed according to the console for switch Joy-Con developed by console for Nintendo currently, which is perfectly compatible with host system for switch. It can input letters and commonly used punctuation conveniently and quickly on host for switch.
  3. 2.4G wireless keyboard suite for Switch enables players to input letters and commonly used symbols, chat, surf, on the Internet, search for favorite games or others easily and quickly.
  4. The keyboard can be charged directly by using the charger for original switch, and the console for Joy-Con can also be charged. Specifications: Scope of application: Suitable for switch host. Wireless distance: The effective distance is 8-10 meters away. Charging voltage: 4.8-5.5V Charging current: ≤200mA Batteries: Polymer lithium electric 200mAh 0.7W(RHOS certification) The battery is full of charge after about 1.5 hours of charging. Material: ABS Accessory: 2.4G receiver, Type-C to USB charging cable.

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