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A new party action game set in the Umamusume universe! Lead your team to victory in the Slapdash Grand Prix!

Opening Remarks!
Give heed! Our academy's time-honored Spring Fan Fest will play host to a very special event! Behold, the Slapdash Grand Prix! Teams will compete in four exhilarating events! Aim for ultimate glory in Hurtling Hurdles, Blazing Baskets, Dodgeball Domilition, and Gourmet Gauntlet.

4 Slapdash Events!
Hurtling Hurdles - Be first to fly through school and city!
Blazing Baskets - style on your rivals with court gimmicks and items!
Dodgeball Demolition - Knock out the competition with a powerball!
Gourmet Gauntlet - Go beyond gluttony with food combos and eater skills!

  • Take on Fan Fest Events with New Teams! - Team Cosmos, Team Freesia, Team Rose, and Team Lily
  • Play Alone or with Friends! - Spend time with each team's unique personalities!
  • Battle between up to 4 players! - Local and Online Matches
  • Create your own Clubroom! - Clubroom Mode

Take note that this is just a preorder downpayment SKU. You are not yet paying for the final pricing/ SRP of the item. Final pricing will be announced closer to item's release. Below are additional details for your further reference:

Pre-order Downpayment: P500.00

Estimated SRP**: TBA

Tentative Release Date***: TBA

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** The release date provided above is only preliminary and is subject to change.

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