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The lighter and slimmer PlayStation4 system has a 1TB hard drive for all of the greatest games, TV, music and more. Incredible Games You've come to the right place. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award winning AAA hits. Endless Entertainment Something new and amazing is always in reach. 
  • Grand Theft Auto V- Explore the stunning world of Los Santos and Blaine County in the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V experience, featuring a range of technical upgrades and enhancements for new and returning players.
  • God of War - Kratos is a father again. As mentor and protector to Atreus, a son determined to earn his respect, he is forced to deal with and control the rage that has long defined him while out in a very dangerous world with his son.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn - In a lush, post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization, pockets of humanity live on in primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. Their dominion over the new wilderness has been usurped by the Machines – fearsome mechanical creatures of unknown origin.
  • Fortnite - Fortnite is the multiplayer game where you and your friends collaborate to create your dream Fortnite world or battle to be the last one standing.

What does “OTC PAYMENT- Subject to Review” mean?
Due to observed repeated cases of stock hoarding on certain items (i.e., customers who repeatedly place multiple qtys/ orders of certain items with obviously no intention of settling payment for said items), we will only selectively accept over-the-counter (OTC) payments for these items. Hence, we reserve the right to immediately cancel any orders placed with OTC payments chosen as mode of payment for these items when we see that hoarding of stocks is taking place.

This is to give fair opportunity to other customers who are trying to make a purchase of such items but are routinely unable to place an order because of qtys ending up being unfairly hoarded by others who don't have any serious intentions of pushing through with their purchase.

For items we will be implementing above measures on, they will be marked as OTC Payment Subject to Review.

For customers who are placing orders for a mix of such items and others that are freely eligible for OTC payments, please place your orders separately to avoid ending up with the entire order getting cancelled.

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