Ayaneo 2S AMD Ryzen 7 7840U 32GB RAM 2TB SSD Handheld PC Gaming Console (Starry Black)

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New Process and New Generation

of Super CPU, Reborn Phoenix

Low Power Consumption and High Performance
for Handheld AAA Games

4nm Advanced Process丨Next-Generation Zen4 Architecture丨8 Cores 16 Threads丨
5.1Ghz Maximum Frequency丨16MB L3 Cache丨TDP Up to 30W
Featuring the advanced 4nm process and Zen4 architecture, AYANEO 2S delivers a staggering 40%
increase in CPU performance, and power efficiency is also significantly enhanced,
providing an unmatched level of performance while maximizing battery life.
AYANEO 2S stands out with its exceptional performance that allows
gamers to conquer even the most demanding tasks with ease.


Radeon™ 780M, the Ultimate Graphics Experience

Brand new RDNA3 architecture 丨 12CU graphics core, with a 2.7Ghz graphics card frequency
Powered by the new RDNA3 architecture and 12CU graphics cores running at 2.7GHz,
Radeon™ 780M delivers graphics performance almost double that of its predecessor.
With a gaming score comparable to discrete graphics cards, it provides a smooth and fluid
experience for playing AAA games, making it the ultimate choice for dominating the gaming battlefield.


Unprecedented Three Copper Tube Heat Dissipation
Create a New Benchmark for Handheld Heat Dissipation

AYANEO innovatively install three copper tube heat dissipation for Windows handhelds, adopting the
innovative "3+1" heat dissipation structure to give Windows handhelds a powerful heat dissipation system.


Newly Constructed Extra-large Air Outlet

35% Higher Instantaneous Airflow

No More Heat Accumulation, Always Cool

Equipped with a larger air outlet and paired with the ultimate "3+1" three-copper tube heat dissipation module,
tthe air outlet area of AYANEO 2S has increased by 50% compared to AYANEO 2, with optimized air duct
design, allowing heat to be quickly and smoothly discharged, keeping the body cool and in perfect condition.


No-bezel Screen Design

Immersive Gaming Experience

Introducing 7-inch no-bezel screen display, featuring an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio that
delivers a stunning and captivating visual experience. With its unparalleled aesthetic design,
AYANEO 2S is unmatched in the world of Windows gaming handhelds,
providing gamers with an unprecedented gaming experience that is truly breathtaking.


Bezel-less Full-screen, Leading Handheld Trend

High Brightness and Wide Color Gamut, Superior Display Effect

Full Immersion, Making Handheld Games with a Sense of Blockbuster


Not Only a Great Screen on Paper

But Also a Highly Praised Gaming Experience Online

AYANEO 2's 7-inch no-bezel screen display has been widely praised by gaming media and KOLs for its stunning
visual performance. Its delicate craftsmanship and superior image quality make it stand out from other 7-inch
handheld devices on the market, with a more refined display effect and greater transparency compared to
other LCD screens. AYANEO 2's appearance lives up to the expectations of gamers everywhere.


2.5D Glass Cover for Protection and Aesthetics

The front of AYANEO 2S features a complete piece of high-strength 2.5D glass with full lamination technology,
providing impact and scratch resistance while maintaining high transparency. The smooth curve of the glass
perfectly integrates with the body, presenting a seamless and stunningly beautiful appearance. Not only does
it provide comprehensive protection for the internal screen, but it also delivers a smooth and silky touch every
time your fingertips glide over it. With this glass cover, you can enjoy a perfect blend of visual and tactile experiences.


Artistic Dream Color Scheme

Pinnacle of Windows Handheld Looks
Received Numerous Professional Reviews

Continuing AYANEO's minimalist aesthetics, the artistic design gene is presented again, simple and elegant.
"Starry Black" is deep and restrained, while "Sky White" is warm and elegant, with an innate sense of style,
making AYANEO 2S the pinnacle of Windows portable gaming devices in terms of appearance.


Industrial Design Peak Revived - Screwless Full-body Design

AYANEO handheld is never just a "toy", but also a handheld artwork that can be played with for a long time.
AYANEO 2S features an ingenious body structure design that inherits the excellent tradition of its predecessor,
achieving a 360-degree screwless full-body design. The highly integrated body perfectly embodies AYANEO's
minimalist aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship, leading the handheld console industry innovation.


More Comfortable Key Feel

Building upon the experience of fine-tuning the Hall trigger, the AYANEO team has made slight adjustments to
the structure of the trigger, maintaining its long lifespan, long stroke, and high precision advantages while
creating an even better key feel for gamers.


Industry-Leading Six-Axis Dual Gyroscopes

Nothing compares to the immersive feeling of motion control in gaming.
AYANEO 2S features two six-axis gyroscopes, one on the motherboard and one on the controller,
accurately detecting every subtle movement made by gamers.


Probably The Best HD Linear Motor for Windows Handhelds

Inherited from AYANEO 2, it is still the excellent vibration experience for Windows handheld.
HD linear motor is extremely responsive, powerful, delicate and crisp.
AYANEO adapted this HD linear motor to more scenes of vibration to achieve multi-dimensional,
multi-scene and all-round vibration experience, allowing gamers to feel the vibrant and lively peak sensations.


SoundTapMagic - Injecting Modern Vibrancy into Classics

Revitalize Retro Gaming with Vibrant Sound

AYANEO has developed "SoundTapMagic" jointly with a professional technology company,
which automatically analyzes the game audio through the chip algorithm
and simulates the vibration feedback of different scenes, adapting the vibration function for games
without native vibration function, giving old games a new sound and adding a modern experience, so that gamers can
enjoy a full-sensory immersive gaming experience from visual to auditory and tactile senses.


Built-in Pickup + Noise Cancellation Dual Microphone

No Distance Online Gaming with Friends

Built-in pickup + noise cancellation dual microphone, each microphone independent of the other, more
intelligent noise cancellation technology, even in the outdoor or noisy environment, the voice call quality is still
clear and smooth, significantly improving the gamer's voice communication experience in the game.


Baby Sleep Position Grip - Gentle and

Comfortable Holding Experience

Inspired by the most relaxed and natural state of a baby, AYANEO 2S integrates ergonomic design and a
unique "baby sleeping position" grip, which integrates streamlined design into every corner of the back of the
handheld and fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, with advanced UV technology, creating an unparalleled
grip experience that will have gamers never wanting to put it down, even after long gaming sessions.


Optimized Body Mold Fantastic Touch Feeling in Control

Ergonomic Design and Comfortable Grip
Staying in Play for a Long Time

AYANEO 2S is finely optimized in the overall design of the body,
and adopts new techniques to comprehensively upgrade its body mold,
providing gamers with a more delicate and comfortable grip experience.


Improved Decorative Piece Design

Easy and Non-destructive Disassembly

AYANEO 2S optimized and upgraded for the handheld handle decorative piece parts,
gamers can easily open handheld to expand and upgrade, do-it-yourself in control.


Unparalleled Master Controller for

Unmatched Gaming Experience

AYANEO 2S features the unparalleled Master Controller that redefines the Windows handheld gaming
experience. With eight functions and six patents, the controller delivers a complete upgrade to your gaming
experience, allowing you to maneuver with ease and conquer every game. Take control of the game and
emerge victorious with AYANEO 2S.


Hall Sensing Big Joystick, Recreate the Magic
of Electromagnetic Induction Technology

Another Revolution in Windows Handheld Control

Hall sensing big joystick with electromagnetic induction technology brings back the magic of gaming controls
with its contactless design, eliminating drifting issues caused by wear and tear or dust accumulation. Tested
up to 5 million (with internal testing reaching up to 1 million) lifetime uses, it offers higher precision, longer
lifespan, and more delicate and rapid control, empowering gamers to become martial arts masters and achieve
unparalleled control in their gaming adventures.


Ultra-long Stroke Hall Trigger
Micron-level High Precision Feedback

Hall trigger adopts the same electromagnetic induction technology as the joystick, with even more precise
data transmission that is not affected by wear and tear. It has a useful lifespan of up to 1 million clicks
The key travel distance is longer and more responsive, reaching 7.5mm
with a precision of 0.09mm. Together with the Hall joystick, they form the "Hall Brothers" and become the
leader in the field of handheld gaming control experience, allowing gamers to enjoy a smooth and effortless gaming experience.


Super Large Capacity Battery

Fight Hard and Recover Fast

Your Long-lasting Gaming Partner


Still the largest battery to date in 7-inch handheld,
with the energy-efficient 7840U processor and multi-speed
adjustable TDP power consumption mode, allowing gamers to fight to the end.


M.2 2280 High-Speed SSD

Equipped with a standard M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 high-speed SSD, AYANEO 2S supports dual-sided high-speed
particles for even greater capacity expansion, with a maximum capacity of up to 8TB.


Lightning-fast Fingerprint Unlock, Quick and Secure

Power button is compatible with fingerprint unlock, new upgraded anti-touch function,
press to unlock in one go. Support multiple fingerprint entry, share the fun of the game with friends.


Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2

Enjoy High-Speed and Stable Connection

With Wi-Fi 6E, the maximum connection speed can reach 9.6Gbps, providing faster speed and lower latency
while saving power. Bluetooth 5.2 is ultra-low power, with faster pairing speed, higher stability, and stronger anti-interference ability.


Comprehensive Transformation of AYASpace 2

AYASpace - Revolutionary "Smart Brain" for AYANEO Handheld

As the "strongest brain" of AYANEO handheld, AYASpace 2 is completely reconstructed from the inside out,
with a more modern and simple UI interface and easier-to-use interaction logic, truly realizing "powerful,
extremely useful", making AYANEO handheld the most comfortable and easy-to-use Windows handheld, and
exploring infinite possibilities for the Windows handheld software ecosystem.



AYASpace APP is an extension of the powerful and extremely useful AYASpace on mobile. It is not only the
core function of AYASpace on handheld, but also the co-creation game community between AYANEO official
and global gamers, all gamers can enjoy the fun of handheld and games on AYASpace APP.


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