Our office phone number:

Tel. No. (02) 5328-7800

Note however, at this time of Community Quarantine, we may not be able to take any calls from or respond promptly to above contacts due to limited staffing in our office. Apologies on this and our thanks for your kind understanding in bearing with us through the quarantine period.

To follow up on the shipment status of payment-acknowledged orders (make sure to indicate order# in the subject line):

Email: ecommerce@datablitz.com.ph


For technical support, please email us at:

Email: support@datablitz.com.ph

Please DO NOT send emails that are off-topic from the specific matters designated for eCcommerce and technical support as they may not be replied to.

Also, we would appreciate everyone's patience and understanding that at this moment of Community Quarantine in our country, our ability to respond promptly to your emails is impaired due to our limited staffing and manpower availability. Hence, if you could give us a day or two to provide you the shipment confirmation for your payment-acknowledged orders before emailing us to follow up, we would greatly appreciate this. Rest assured, we are doing our best to get your orders processed and shipped out in the timeline that we have provided (see FAQs).


Our Business Address:
Datablitz Inc.
1916-18 Claro M. Recto Ave., Brgy 392, Zone 040,
 Manila, Philippines

Thank You Everyone and Stay Safe!