BOBOVR M1 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap For Oculus Quest2 (INCLUDES 5200MAH Replaceable Hot Swap Power Bank Accessories)

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 BOBOVR M1 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap

  • Keeping the M2 Pro's magnetic heat-exchangeable battery design, the battery can be replaced at any time to keep the Quest2 working.
  • The wrapping design can better reduce the shaking during exercise, and the rotatable shaft design makes it more convenient to wear
  • The filler on the back of the M1 Pro adopts an innovative honeycomb polymer material, which is skin-friendly and soft, reducing the feeling of stuffiness and sliding.
  • The hot-swappable 5200mah battery can fully charge the quest2 once, bringing twice the battery life, and about 2-3 hours longer battery life in different game scenarios.
  • The weight of a single battery is only 140g, which reduces the overall weight of the head and makes it more comfortable and balanced in use






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