NSW The Bass Fishing (Asian) (Eng/Jap)

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“THE Bass Fishing” is a game that focuses on the black bass, the most popular fish in sport fishing. You can enjoy exciting underwater battles and heated fights with the black bass in dynamic and realistic graphics!

The “Joy-Con” controls and HD vibrations bring the thrill of lure fishing and rod and reel fishing to life! Enjoy the sport fishing experience where you can compete with the big, monstrous fish using only your own techniques!

  • Fish at 10 unique fishing spots, including rocky areas and piers! (7 fishing spots in the Mission Mode and 3 fishing spots in the Online Mode)
  • Fish the 9 targets, including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Snakehead, and Trout
  • Choose from 15 different types of lures, including standard, Vibrating Jig, and Big Bait, depending on the fishing spots
  • Players can also learn the HOW TO elements of lure fishing as well! Even beginners of bass fishing can play with confidence
  • You can enjoy online fishing competitions with up to 8 players in local matches and up to 12 players in online matches! Experience the most hottest matches anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

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