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GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller

After the huge success of the GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller, we are bringing the GameSir X2 Bluetooth version to the market. It's a universal mobile gaming controller which is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. This is another smart game controller which is perfect for cloud gaming, and iOS users will be able to enjoy Apple Arcade and MFi games. It can be easily attached to the phone, and ergonomically fits on the hand. GameSir X2 Bluetooth brings modern technology to mobile gamepad that will help the users improve their gaming experience.

Best Gamepad for both Android and iOS Platforms

Following on from the success of the GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller which was designed to give users an outstanding cloud gaming experience, GameSir has updated the X2 to give and bring this innovative mobile gaming experience to everyone. Now equipped with Bluetooth, the X2 Bluetooth version supports both iOS and Android devices.

Outstanding Cloud Gaming Experience on Phones

The emergence of cloud gaming may be a sign of a change in future games, and GameSir X2 is ready for this. Support multiple popular cloud gaming platforms such as Microsoft xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, Sony PlayStation Now, Google STADIA, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Parsec, LiquidSky, Vortex, etc. GameSir X2 is now compatible with most cloud games and can bring you an outstanding experience.

Play Apple Arcade and MFi Games

The specialty of GameSir X2 Bluetooth is, it is also compatible with iOS along with Android. Now gamers can use GameSir X2 Bluetooth to play Apple arcade games. Not only that, GameSir X2 Bluetooth also supports MFi certified games.

Easy to Attach and Detach the Smartphone

Align the phone on the right side of the GameSir X2 Bluetooth, and then pull the left side of the gamepad to install the phone in the fixed position of the gamepad. You can see how easily the phone is attached to the GameSir X2 Bluetooth. Similarly, you can easily detach the phone from the gamepad.

Support Phones up to 173mm in Length

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger to keep pace with the times and add more technology. Therefore, we have made the GameSir X2 Bluetooth that can support mobile phones up to 173mm in length.

Micro Mechanical Buttons for Quick Action

The GameSir X2 series is determined to become the most trusted partner of players in the game, so we have been working hard to improve product quality and user experience. For example, the service life of the micro switch button is up to 3 million times.

Creative and Modern Design

GameSir X2 Bluetooth brings modern technology in mobile gamepads, which can help you improve your gaming experience in many ways.

  • X2 is equipped with esports class joysticks, comparable to professional-level controllers.
  • Between the phone and X2, we have reserved a gap to ensure air circulation, so that the phone can maintain good heat dissipation.
  • X2 has a screenshot button, gamers can keep the best game moments anytime.

Long Life 500mAh Battery for Long Time Gaming

GameSir X2 Bluetooth has a powerful long life 500mAh battery, which can bring you longtime non-stop gaming experience.


  • Brand: GameSir
  • Model: X2 Bluetooth
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Working Platforms: Android (Android 8.0 or later) / iOS (iOS 13.0 or later)
  • Compatible Game Type: Cloud Gaming
  • Compatible Mobile Phone Size: less than 173mm in length
  • Screenshot Button: Yes
  • Micro Switch Button: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: built-in 500mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Connectivity: Type-C
  • Package Size: 204*106*55mm
  • Gross Weight: 384g

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