Gamesir X2 Lightning Mobile Gaming Controller

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GameSir X2 Bluetooth has been gaining huge popularity among iOS users. To satisfy the needs of iOS gamers who are highly sensitive about delay, we are launching GameSir X2 Lightning for iOS users. Built-in with rotatable Lightning port, it makes plug more easily and play instantly. Inherited the same stretch design of X2 series, it supports iPhones with a length of 100-173 mm, enabling nearly all mainstream iOS users to play games with it. Plus, the individual Turbo key helps you get ahead till the end by simple clicks. Next, it’s show time for iOS users in MFi, Apple Arcade and cloud gaming platforms with X2 Lightning.

MFi, Apple Arcade games and cloud gaming supported
With a superb controller, games can also not be too less to expand your skills. X2 Lightning is definitely ready for multiple games, including MFi and Apple Arcade games. Popular cloud gaming platforms can also be supported, including Microsoft xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, Sony PlayStation Now, Google STADIA, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Parsec, LiquidSky, Hatch: Play,, Vortex, NetEase Cloud Games and Tencent Start, etc.

Play anytime
Pass-through charging allows you to play anytime you’re in the mood for gaming.

Getting ahead from a lag-free connection
Wired connection is always the simplest and most direct way of solving lag problem. GameSir X2 Lightning is built-in with a Lightning port, enabling a fast setup.

Classic stretch design, great flexibility as usual
Durable stretch design extends great flexibility with mainstream iPhones (100-173 mm in length).

Fast under your control, furious in enemies
The individual Turbo button allows you to program Turbo Combo function by simple clicks. With 3 gears programmable, it’s possible to adjust speed in different scenarios. If fast is defined by yourself, can victory be far behind?

Detail-oriented, take mobile gaming seriously
Mobile gaming can also be like console-style. In this case, GameSir equip X2 lightning with well-designed parts for making your gaming way more robust.

A.Soft rubber grip makes it more grip-friendly than the iPhone itself, providing enough comfort, especially during long sessions.

B.Micro switch buttons have a span of 3 million clicks, and the clean crisp click enabling you to forget that it’s playing on the phone.

C.Clickable L3, R3 buttons offer additional input options.

D.Thanks to the rotatable Lightning plug, it’s not stiff but more flexible when plugging in. Just tilt and slot, easy and worry-free.

Well-considered attachments
Gaming needs personalization and can start anywhere. X2 Lightning can make it all happen with the well-considered attachments.

A.Compact yet elegant carry case makes the gamepad fully and securely equipped for on the go and play anywhere.

B.Available with raised and sunken style, the 2 sets of silicone thumb grips keeps your gaming personalized and under your control.

  • Brand: GameSir
  • Model: X2 Lightning
  • Connection: Lightning Wired
  • Working Platforms: iOS (iOS 13.0 or later)
  • Compatible Game Type: Cloud Gaming
  • Compatible Mobile Phone Size: less than 173mm in length
  • Turbo Button: Yes
  • Micro Switch Button: Yes
  • Connectivity: Lightning
  • Package Size: 203*106*55mm
  • Gross Weight: 359g

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