Gamesir X2 Pro Gaming Controller (Midnight Black)

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Instantly-mappable Back Buttons

Designed for pro-level mobile gaming, X2 Pro comes with 2 additional back buttons so you can map your in-game valuable actions on the fly, even in the middle of the game. Program and use instantly, no need for software.

2 ABXY Layouts

For satisfying different gamers’ playstyle, we specifically used magnetic and detachable design on ABXY buttons so that gamers can swap the layout between the standard Xbox ABXY layout and Switch one, with just a simple pull. (Need to also select relevant layout in GameSir App.)

Remote Play your Xbox and PC anywhere

Play remotely your Xbox and PC with X2 Pro while on your desired spot in the room or away from home. Support nearly all popular remote streaming such as Xbox Remote Play, Steam Link, Rainway and Moonlight.

Tech Specs:

Working Platform: Android 8.0 or above

Connection: Built-in wired Type-C to your phone

Compatible Phone Size:

  • An almost horizontally & vertically centered Type-C port as mainstream Android phones
  • 110-179 mm in length
  • 12 mm or below in depth (used without phone case, camera depth excluded)
  • 10 mm or below in depth (used with phone case depth ≤1mm, camera depth excluded)
  • Phone camera depth ≤3mm

Colorways: 2, Midnight & Moonlight

Microswitch Bumpers: Yes, Kailh Micro Switches

Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors

Analog Joysticks: Yes, Alps

Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Back Buttons

Pass-through Charging: Yes (With limited compatibility, see details in FAQ)

Battery: No

Product Size: 184*85*37 mm / 7.24*3.35*1.46 in

Net Weight: 179 g / 0.40 lbs

Package Size: 118*206.5*58 mm / 4.65*8.13*2.28 in

Gross Weight: 402g / 0.89 lbs

Carton Size (30pcs/carton): 615*368*232 mm / 24.21*14.49*9.13 in

Carton Weight (30pcs/carton): 13.2 kg / 29.10 lbs

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my boyfriend is so happy. I love the happy him.

Gibby Rodriguez

Good quality. Arrived without issue

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