GPD G1 AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT Graphics Card Expansion Dock

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GPD G1 Graphics Card Expansion Dock
Graphics Processing Unit : AMD Radeon™ RX 7600M XT
Architecture : RDNA 3.0
Process Size : 6nm
Base Clock : 1500 MHz
Game Clock : 2300 MHz
Boost Clock : 2615 MHz
Memory Type : GDDR6
Memory Clock : 2250 MHz
Memory Bandwidth : 288.0 GB/s(18 Gbps)
Memory Size : 8GB
Bus Port : Oculink(SFF-8612)Female Port × 1

HDMI : USB 4 × 1, HDMI 2.1 × 1
DisplayPort : DP 1.4a × 2
USB Type A : USB 3.2,× 3
SD Port :  SD 4.0 × 1

Customer Reviews

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Keith Stephen Yazon
Additional horsepower for the avid gamer

As someone who has purchased the GPD Win4 (2023 series), most of my games can be played on Ultra Settings. No FPS drops. Worth every peso spent.

Powerful portable eGPU

1st off 2 thumbs up Datablitz. Happy to receive the unit on the same day I ordered it. For the unit itself, I have played Half Life Alyx on Steam pcvr with it and the gameplay was smooth with no glitching at all. Very happy with this purchase.

John Benedict Narciso
best egpu for minimalists

very good egpu performance. very handy. can support thunderbolt 4 connections. once plugged in, the egpu will serve its purpose. it can also be used as docking station as it has 2 display ports

The price of space and portability

I work at a 12sqm room, often at field work, and "sleeping" beside my toddler, this GPU on my setup is perfect for me.

Note that the LG 34 inch, GPD Win4, and the G1 are bought from Datablitz! Been a customer for years, never let me down in price, quality, and payment terms. :)

On to Gaming (not just Hearthstone) - Elden ring on High averages at 45fps at 28w TDP, default settings. To reach 60fps, enable RSR at 720. RDR2, be awed at the photorealistic graphics at 60fps. G1 is at par with 4060 and a bit better than 3070. Check reviews for 7600m xt to verify this.

Mac R
Portable eGPU

Loving this unit. I can game on my zenbook OLED laptop! Or any pc/laptop with USB4 or thunderbolt4. Premium build quality in portable form. Easy to set up and it comes with a cover sleeve.

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