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The Golf Club Collector's Edition brings players to the world of the most authentic golf game ever created to date. Golf Club Collector's Edition bundles up all the elements that fans and enthusiasts of golf have hoped for by featuring fully customizable fantasy courses, zero mid-round loading times, multi-year season mode, authentic scenery and epic tournaments.

“We’re not giving anyone an easy round,” said Alan Bunker, CEO of HB Studios. “We want players to feel like they are out on a real course, learning and improving their skills all the time.” Unlike other golf game, The Golf Club Collector’s Edition is not a 'stat' based game meaning it aims to see players grow and aspire from their passion for the game as they move seamlessly from green to green in solo or multiplayer games and eventually join epic online tournaments with no load times between holes.

Honoring one of the world’s best-known professional golfers in history, the “Greg Norman Course Designer” is created to help players conceptualize, create, and publish fantasy courses in the Golf Club community. Adding to the authentic nature of the game are its incredibly accurate environments, interchangeable themes (and seasonal themes), and varied wind effects to offer uniquely challenging golf matches.

The Golf Club (Collector's Edition) offers zero mid-round loading times, fully customizable courses, and a Collectible eBook.

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