XBOX ONE Moto GP 17 (EU)

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MotoGP 17 presents itself with a very difficult task to complete: on the one hand it is the chapter of the return to origins after last year's yellow hangover that saw Valentino Rossi as the undisputed protagonist, while on the other it is a title that acts as a bridge to an epochal transition for Milestone ever closer to abandoning its current proprietary graphics engine to switch to the more versatile and performing Unreal Engine 4. Two extremely delicate and thorny aspects, which could discourage players even before taking the pad in hand. Yet the guys from the Milanese software house exude a passion for two wheels and their latest work is a clear demonstration of this. Even without touching the peaks of the series, we anticipate that MotoGP 17 has not left us disappointed at all.

Manager of themselves

The real novelty of MotoGP 17 is the arrival of a managerial career that allows us to lead a world championship team while at the same time covering the role of official rider and patron of the team, thus managing every aspect of the activity even off the track. But let's go in order. Once the team is founded, we will proceed to register for the Moto3 championship by facing the pre-season in fervent market sessions to put together the best possible group with the - few - credits available. Once the bikes and sponsors have been chosen, it is the turn of the two riders: as mentioned, the player will also cover the role of rider within his team, but it remains to choose the teammate from a handful of high hopes prospects on which to invest for the future seasons. Here then emerges the first more managerial aspect of the mode that will see us constantly keep an eye on the performance of our boxmate who, being always controlled by artificial intelligence, will progressively improve thanks to the training and development of the bike. It is indeed a production of role-playing style: at the end of each race each driver is improved attributes such as braking, acceleration control, cornering ability and body position, which make it easier and more natural to control the vehicles as the seasons pass and improve the performance of our drivers.

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