Playseat Evolution Actifit (REM.00202)

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You’re in your gaming room. You’ve just unboxed what is basically a near-real GTR track. Unbelievable. The Playseat® Evolution will be a big win for you, and it’s all sponsored by our design team working tirelessly with pro drivers. Result.

We teamed with pro drivers here and guess what? Together, we’ve dreamed up and designed an authentic racing simulator cockpit. See if you agree — the Playseat® Evolution’s real GTR sitting position tricks your mind into thinking you’re in a real racing car. Thanks to some stunning and superior technology, the seat translates the force feedback from your steering wheel perfectly to help you get both better and faster in no time.


Key Features • It's developed in cooperation with professional racing drivers
• It's an authentic racing simulator cockpit with GTR sitting position
Superior build quality, stability, and comfort
• It's fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of drivers (from children to adults)
Adjustable steering plate and pedal plate
• It’s easy to store thanks to its patented foldable design
• It’s quick-and-easy to assemble
• It's compatible with all steering wheels and pedals (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc.)
• It works with all consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), PC and Mac
Product Information The authentic racing experience at your home
Developed in collaboration with professional race drivers, the Playseat® Evolution is a bit special. Sure, it’s a racing sim cockpit, and it has a perfect GTR sitting position. It also beautifully translates all your wheel’s force feedback letting you feel the quake. This will help you get to the chequered flag faster than ever. There are at least four factors important to all racers and we designed the Evolution with them in mind — quality, stability, adjustability and comfort. Because of this attention to every detail possible, we can assure you that this is the perfect seat for hours of racing adventures. Remember, for some (us, you), this is life not a hobby.

The cockpit is very easy to adjust so your smallest and largest friend can race back-to-back. No problem. You can even move the pedal plate and steering wheel plate around to fit every racer’s style and preference.

Easy to store
The Playseat® Evolution has a unique, patented foldable system so it’s quick-and-easy to store. In fact, it can be placed under just about any regular table or desk. Out-of-sight but not out-of-mind if sim racing’s fuels your life in the same way it does ours.
Specifications Edition: Black ActiFit™
Includes steering wheel and pedals: No
Foldable: Yes
Suitable for direct drive steering wheels: No
Color: Black
Weight: 19.8kg
Dimensions: 130x50x98 cm
Suitable for: Racing
Racing type: Rally, GT
Plug&Play: Yes
Recommended drivers length: Min: 120 cm. Max: 220 cm.
Recommended drivers weight: Min: 20 kg. Max: 122 kg.
Material: ActiFit™

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