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BOBOVR S3 Pro Head Strap Compatible With Meta Quest 3 (S3 Pro)


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Introducing the BOBOVR S3 Pro Super Strap – the ultimate accessory for enhancing your VR experience. Engineered with an innovative power swap design, it allows effortless single-handed blind battery replacements, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. The built-in head air-conditioning system guarantees long-term comfort with adjustable level 100 soft wind settings, perfect for extended VR sessions.
Its sleek, dial-free design ensures even sleeping is more comfortable, supporting restful use without protrusions. Enjoy extended gaming with an additional 1.3x Quest2 battery life and the convenience of 20W fast charging. Elevate your VR experience with the BOBOVR S3 Pro Super Strap.


Innovative power
swap design

The device boasts an innovative power swap design, allowing users to replace the battery with ease. It supports single-handed blind operation for battery replacement, ensuring that users can maintain continuous usage without interruption.

air-conditioning system

The device features a built-in head air-conditioning system designed for long-term wear, ensuring optimal comfort. This advanced system supports level 100 soft wind, with adjustable settings to suit individual preferences, making it ideal for extended use.


Even sleeping is more comfortable

Even sleeping is more comfortable with this device, as it is designed without dial protrusions. This thoughtful design feature supports restful use, ensuring uninterrupted comfort even during sleep.

more and more extra gaming time

The device significantly extends your gaming sessions by providing an additional 1.3x Quest2 battery life. It also supports 20W fast charging power, ensuring that you spend more time immersed in your games and less time waiting for your device to recharge.


Active ventilation

The S3 Pro has a built-in ventilation system that uses quiet technology to keep the air around your head and face cool and comfortable, even during long gaming sessions. Thanks to flexible adjustment options, you can adjust the wind speed on a 100-degree scale. This gives you optimal gaming comfort at every game. You can easily adjust the ventilation system using the smart knob.
Thanks to this active ventilation system, you’ll always stay cool while enjoying a fog-free gaming experience.


Increased battery capacity

This brand new B100 battery offers a capacity of 10000mAh, which is a 92% increase compared to the BoboVR B2 battery.The battery is as small and flexible as its predecessor and despite the increased capacity, the weight has only increased by 28% (to 140g).
Thanks to the higher output efficiency, you get twice as much usable capacity. So this is a powerful battery in a small format that will give you many hours of great gaming.


Top class comfort and design

BoboVR is no stranger to creating stylish and comfortable headbands. Again, they have combined function and design in a good way. Using the BoboVR S3 Pro is comfortable, and thanks to the soft cushions, they are comfortable even during longer gaming sessions.
The included Honeycomb pads also prevent the headset from slipping on your head. The Honeycomb pads are particularly suitable for high-activity games, as the pads adhere well to the hair and do not slip. This is not just a headband that sits comfortably when you play. This headband also allows you to lie on the couch and enjoy a video without being disturbed by pressure.
The design of the ventilation has taken inspiration from an airplane engine turbine, giving this headband that little bit extra.


BOBOVR S3 Pro Super Strap trailer

The BoboVR S3 Pro Super Strap takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. This innovative VR accessory from BoboVR is designed to work seamlessly with your Meta Quest 3 and offers advanced features to enhance your VR gaming experience.