Marketing Assistant

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Job Objective

Supports the Marketing Manager on projects directed at maximizing company profits and developing sales strategies or marketing campaigns.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Responsible for the daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality and coordination of the department’s activities
  • Coordinates with other departments to ensure smooth operation on various activities.
  • In charge of the DB+ Loyalty program and its process
  • Deals with suppliers pertaining to promotional items and requirements
  • Responsible for managing marketing events, booths and other promotional activities
  • Monitors the competitor’s social media accounts and websites especially on game releases
  • Checks upcoming games and updates from trusted sources
  • Conducts store visits to ensure that all marketing materials/ display collaterals are updated and properly displayed at the stores
  • Coordinates and monitors the production and distribution of premiums/freebies
  • Checks Datablitz's social media sites to avoid any grammatical error on the website and on social media postings
  • Broadcasts announcements, campaigns and other important reminders to all branches
  • Prepares all deliverables to be sent to the branches
  • Prepares marketing display collaterals for new branches before the opening launch of the store
  • Assists the Marketing Manager in other marketing activities and day-to-day office concerns
  • Performs other functions that may be assigned from time to time

Job Accountabilities

  1. Fixed Assets
  2. Computer
  3. Card Printer
  4. Laminating Machine
  5. Marketing Materials and Collaterals

Job Specifications




A. Education

  • Requires a graduate of a four year course
  • Must be a graduate of Marketing/ Communication / Business Administration and other related field

B. Physical Demands

  • Requires good physical strength
  • Must be able to lift boxes, marketing materials and collaterals
  • Must be able to walk long distances and travel as required

C. Mental Demands

  • Requires mental alertness
  • Must be alert, creative and analytical

D. Working Conditions

  • Requires working in different weather condition
  • Must be able to work in different weather condition and working in a busy and dynamic environment

E. Work Experience

  • Requires at least 1 year work experience as Marketing Asst.
  • Fresh graduates may be considered

F. Skills

  • Requires good communication and organizational skills
  • Must have good communication, organizational and administrative skills

G. Personality

  • Requires pleasing personality
  • Must possess pleasing personality
  • Must be patient and organized