AKKO MOD008 RGB Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit With Gasket Mount Structure (Sky Blue)

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  • Comes with aluminum and polycarbonate panels;
  • Gasket Retainer: The aluminum plate comes standard with a silicone gasket (to avoid misplacement) with spare gaskets made of poron (harder than silicone), allowing users to choose the gaskets based on their preferences;
  • The MOD008 no longer comes pre-assembled (screws are included), making it easier for users to modify it. And to ensure it's equally user-friendly for beginners, the aluminum plate, PCBA and sound-deadening foams come pre-assembled;
  • Comes with both Poron panel foam and base foam, specifically the case foam is pre-cut against the hot-swap sockets to reduce unnecessary space for an improved sound profile;
  • Poron switch pads were added to the kit;
    Reduced PCBa thickness from 1.6mm to 1.2mm to increase softness and be compatible with more screw-in stabilizers;
    Black spiral cable.

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