BOBOVR B2 Dock Magnetic Battery Pack For Oculus Quest 2

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  • BOBOVR B2 Dock is a plug-in extended battery pack accessory, powered by the magnetic suction battery pack launched by BOBOVR.
  • Compatible with Quest2 default headband, as well as other styles of Head Strap, it can be fixed in the form of Velcro.
  • A special Velcro interface is specially designed for BOBOVR M2 head Strap, which can upgrade M2 into a battery head strap.
  • The matching B2 battery pack weighs only 140g and has a capacity of 5200mah. It can double the battery life of the Quest2 when fully charged, and can provide unlimited power supply by changing the battery.
  • It is connected by magnetic suction, easy to replace, and has multiple redundant safety designs. At the same time, we will provide after-sales guarantee for up to 18 months.

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