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Preen Tech Water Resistant
Preen is when birds use water to clean and tidy their feathers. Ducky utilizes Preen Tech knitting/coating/material to mimic the water droplets falling off birds' feathers on the deskmat.
Multi-Directional balanced mouse movement
Featuring a specially knitted surface, built to be consistent in 4 directions. Compared to a single directional mousepad, it enables players to have careful, consistent positioning no matter the direction.
Wild Grip Zebra pattern
Fitted with a rubber base to enhance grip, preventing the mousepad from sliding.
Thermal transfer
Utilizing Thermal Transfer technology to assure a smooth, uniform surface.
Threads are tightly woven and are secured to the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying.
  • Dimensions:
- 450x400x3 mm (L)
  • Material: Cloth

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