Hori Edge 401 Gaming Mousepad Soft Type (EGJ-401)

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Cloth mouse pad designed for those that prefer the control of cloth and stability and comfort of rubber bases.
  • ■Large size for stable operation
    Uses a polyester material that feels good to the touch, and adopts a surface treatment that can demonstrate the best performance regardless of mouse sensitivity or center type.
    A large size mouse pad that supports stable operation for players with a wide range of resolutions, from low sensitivity to high sensitivity.
    In addition, the strong rubber on the back allows it to be firmly fixed even during intense movement.

    ■End face stitch
    Adopts a stitch frame that is hard to fray and achieves high durability.

    ■ Product specifications
    ◇ Basic specifications polyester material mouse pad
    ◇ Running surface polyester
    ◇ Anti-slip foam rubber
    ◇ Body size 340 × 280 × 3 mm
    ◇ Body weight 180 g

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