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Dual Controller Charger
This Dual Charging base is specially designed for charging Xbox series X/S Controllers. You can charge your 2 controllers at same time.

Large Capacity Battery Pack
Comes with 2* 1400mAh rechargeable battery, provides the maximum amount of energy for your Xbox Series X/S controllers. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary AA batteries, allowing you to continue gaming while charging. It usually take about 4 hours to fully charged.

Built in Cable Slot Design
If you do not use the controller charger base, you can store the cable in the station. The charging dock is specially designed for Xbox series X/S console, so the length is 1.64FT/ 50CM and it is recommended to connect it directly to the host for charging. This can not only improve the charging efficiency, but also keep the desk clean and tidy.

Two Charging Methods
Directly Charging your game controllers with charging cable; 2, Charging the battery packs inside the controller, you can choose the charging method you want.

LED Indicator
The charging station features LED illumination to indicate Charging Status. Red means the controller is charging and green means fully charged. When controller are fully charged. The constant green LED light can also help to locate the charging station quickly in the dark. Please NOTE: We recommended you to disconnect the charger base if you think the light is too bright and affect you.


  1. Input voltage: DC 4.8-5.5V
  2. Input current: 1A
  3. Charging voltage: DC 3.2V;
  4. Charging current: ≈250 mA (single handle)
  5. Charging time: 3-4H
  6. Battery capacity: 1000mAh (single battery)

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