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The iPega Super Game Trigger Buttons is specifically designed for the back of the mobile. just pull it out and rotate to fix the mobile, then you can play directly, easy to carry. Metal fast transmission, no delay, Hold down the button for continuous firing. Trigger shooting design, support R/L move to adjust the screen spot, free viewing on game map and screen, easily touch on buttons. It has an extendable clip designed under the holder which can fix the width of mobile from 67-87mm, and the thickness of mobile from 7.30-8.80mm.

Suitable for mobile Phones Of Different sizes

  • The Lower end of the bracket has telescopic fixing clips, which are supported by different sizes of mobile phones.

Fast Metal Conduction

  • No delay, no long touch, continuous fire

Adjustable Trigger Left and Right 

  • Does not block the game map, does not block the line of sight and various function buttons

Four-Finger Linkage

  • Simultaneous manipulation of four fingers, easy to shoot while running

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