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Take on the role of a budding property developer and build yourself up from minor-league housing crook to interplanetary property tycoon, wheeling, dealing and thieving all the way.

Getting to number one is easy if you know how – it just might not be legal!

Use a variety of sneaky methods to do over the competition, from a selection of Undesirables to calling in the Mob when you need a more heavy-handed approach…


  • Huge range of over 140 buildings; from Trailers to Skyscrapers. Build bigger. Build higher!
  • 65 pre-built towns and cities to explore
  • 17 Worlds
  • 15 different story modes
  • Customise your own game world using the town designer
  • Learn the ropes with 9 interactive scenarios and guided tutorial mode


Build your power base here on Earth, then reach for the stars. Constructor Plus will take you out of this world!

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