NSW Fort Boyard 2022 (ENG/EU)

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 Fort Boyard awaits you with many events to discover alone, with family or friends!

Within this legendary fortress, you will come up against multiple dangers, tricky puzzles and a breathtaking time trial to obtain the keys that will open the doors to Father Fouras' treasure...

4 motivated candidates, emblematic enemies, twists and a good dose of stunts... all the ingredients are there to live the Fort Boyard experience like on TV!

Travel back in time and relive 6 mythical events from the beginnings of Fort Boyard: wear the kitsch style of the 90s
and face these great classics using the brand new Time Machine!

Willy Rovelli is also there: measure yourself against his "tasty" cuisine and face the iconic test of the "Ketchuperie".Will you be able to get out of his cheeky world and survive his unnatural dishes?

Warning: just one mistake, and you will land in prison!


  • 44 events inspired by the TV show, such as the Revolvers, the Mummy, the Temple of Doom or the Giant Nail
  • Several characters from the show: Father Fouras, Willy Rovelli, the White Judge, Passe-Partout or even the Masters of Time
  • Make your team in your image: customize the characters and choose your battle cry to leave your mark on the Fort
  • Use the Time Machine, and go back to the roots of the game show with 6 trials in old school mode : kitsch combinations, sepia atmosphere and old school trials on the menu!
  • 2 events in the world of “grande” gastronomy: face the delicious cuisine of chef Willy Rovelli without falling ill, and cross the moat of the Ketchuperie while maintaining your balance… and your self-esteem!
  • Several game modes: solo mode, cooperative or competitive Party mode, and a complete Versus mode for more fun!

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