Nintendo Switch River City Melee Mach!! (Asian) (Eng/Chi Ver.)

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  • 100% Official, Genuine Product. This is Korean Version released by H2 Interactive Korera.
  • Korean Edition supports Multi languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. 2~4 Players can play together.
  • River City Melee Mach!! is an enhanced version of River City Melee: Battle Royal Special with new elements added that make for more heated battles.
  • A new item, Bamboo Shoot when eaten makes characters gigantic. Change Match is a new game mode which allows characters to be switched over if they are defeated. The game also includes a Team Edit mode that allows players to create their own teams.
  • During rule settings for a match, other than selecting the number of weapons that appear in a match, the player can now choose what weapons appear. The game adds a new Endless Battle mode which is single player only. The player picks any character and must fight until his stamina is completely depleted.

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