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Hikaru finds himself out of luck and homeless on an Island he doesn't know. While avoiding pit vipers and angry senior committee members he comes across a witch in a very similar situation.

The two set out to survive and hopefully thrive on the uncompromising Island of Toyotoki. An island secluded from the modern world, steeped in ancient traditions and shrouded in mystery.

Making a space for themselves on the island won't be easy, and along the way they find others trying to find their way just as much. An energetic rich girl, a clumsy saleswoman, and a manga-loving delinquent are all trying to figure out what they want to do.

Maybe with some hard work and just a bit of magic, they can discover and unravel the mystery of Toyotoki Island.


  • Coming of age story about overcoming hardships and finding yourself
  • Immersive voice-acting performances by the main cast
  • Unravel a mystery stretching back hundreds of years
  • Beautiful character art

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Pre-order Downpayment: P500.00

Estimated SRP**: TBA

Tentative Release Date***: Q3 2024

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