Omelet NSW Gaming Pro+ Wireless Gaming Controller (Jet Black)

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Omelet Gaming Pro+ Wireless Controller

Omelet Gaming Pro+ Wireless Controller – This crystal-accented action button takes the aesthetics of the Switch Pro+ Wireless Controller to a whole new level. Crystallized action keys featuring RGB lighting provide more resistance to wear and tear than most wireless controllers on the market which have old style button designs.

Additionally, the Pro+ Wireless Controller features an ergonomic shape with multi-colored RGB rings. As for the directional buttons, the controller’s thumbsticks are textured to add extra grip to the analog.

Product Features:

• Wireless & Wired Mode: Can be easily recharged using Type-C cable and be use freely in wireless mode.
• Broad Compatibility: Supports multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Apple IOS and Android.
• Crystallized Buttons: Crystallised ABXY buttons with LED light to make it cooler. So the buttons won’t wear out so quickly from long time and frequent use.
• Ergonomic Design: Improved materials and better design so players won’t get tired easily when gripping the controller for long time.
• Multicolor RGB Ring: Interchangeable RGB lighting to your favourite.
• Anti-Friction Thumbsticks: Textured grip for your precision gaming actions.
• Advanced Turbo Mode: Improve competitive gameplay by actively activate more than one actions repeatedly with just a press.
• Gyro Motion & Wake Up Mode: Support gyro-sense aiming and wake-up console on Nintendo Switch.
• Pro-Gammable Back Buttons: Assign any buttons and functions for pro-action controls.


Product Name  Omelet Gaming Pro+ Wireless Controller
Brand Omelet  
Color  Jet Black
Compatibility Nintendo Switch OLED,  Nintendo Switch,  Nintendo Switch Lite,  PC, Android
Battery 3.7V / 600mAh
Connectivity  Bluetooth / Type-C
Charging Duration  Approximately 2 hours
Battery Life  Up to 8 hours (If disables all LED lights & minimum vibration)

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