PS4 Coolpaintr VR Deluxe Your Mind Is The Only Limit Reg.2

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Your mind is the only limit
CoolPaintrVR is a wonderful experience in which you will be able to paint in the space with your PS4 and walk around it as if you were right there. Thanks to a simple interface, thought to be accessible for everyone, you will use multiple and amazing brushes to enjoy as if you were a true artist.

Express everything you can imagine! your mind is the only limit!

Coolpaintr VR [Deluxe Edition] includes:

- Voxel DLC
- Digital Art Book
- Wallpapers
- Exclusive Content

  • YOUR MIND IS THE ONLY LIMIT - Draw with a large collection of brushes, tubes, particles and effects
  • SHARE YOUR CREATIONS - Visit the CoolPaintr VR website and share your creations with the community

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