PS4 Oasis Games VR Fun Pack Reg.3 (Chi/Eng Ver)

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Get ready to take action with four of the most thrilling games that only VR can offer you!

  • Weeping Doll - Search the home, scour every room and scrutinize over every detail to piece together the story that has been kept locked away.
  • Dying: Reborn - Roam around freely in the dark world of DYING: Reborn and make sure you don’t forget where you are, playing a game …or locked up in one of the many rooms you have to escape from…
  • Pixel Gear - is a colorful and fast-paced 3D pixel shooter with a variety of comical monsters, zombies and ghosts as enemies to defeat.
  • Light Tracer - is a VR platform puzzler in which the player is a godlike creature who has to guide a princess in despair up the enormous Tower of Bellbatis.

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