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  • Refrain Mode - A new mode that depicts a what-if story with Excela Noa Aura (voiced by Nana Mizuki) and Jenius Aeon (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya), who did not become party members in the main story
  • Night Events - By “staring” at a party member in town, at camp, and so on, “Night Events” may occur during your adventure. Night Events are your chance to deepen your friendship with party members. Of course, if you become friendly with Excela and Jenius, you may even be able to see surprising sides to each of them…
  • M.O.E.S. - Through the Mind Over Emotion System, you can choose conversation responses within the time limit. If you choose a response that pleases the character you are speaking to, your friendship with them will deepen. Carefully choose a response within the time limit. And of course, “do not respond” is also a response
  • D-Tune Battle System - Real-time action battles full of exhilaration. Freely control one of the characters in your party in high-action battles where each character uses unique special attacks, powerful moves, and magic based on combo attacks
  • Transform - The protagonist Yuma possesses the mighty power to transform into a Dragon at any time during battle. However, Yuma cannot control his power beyond a certain limit, and may end up “rampaging.” It is important to master the power of the dragon as not to rampage
  • Rune Songs - By singing “Rune Songs,” Kirika can change into various costumes suited to each song. When you change costumes, you can continue fighting with the new costume for the duration of the battle
  • B.A.N.D. Performance - In order to use Rune Songs, you must first activate the “B.A.N.D.” battle system. And in order to activate the B.A.N.D. system, you must first build up the “BPM Gauge.” The BPM Gauge stocks a maximum of three bars and accumulates each time you land an attack, such as standard and break attacks. You can choose the “center” of the B.A.N.D. from among your party members. Even when performing the same Rune Song, you can manifest various effects depending on which character is chosen as the center
  • Kizuna Diagram - A character’s “Personality” represents their individuality and traits. The “Kizuna Diagram” is a visualization of your party members’ “Kizuna,” which manifests through their Personality. The longer the time a Kizuna is connected, the stronger it becomes
  • Resonance - During battle, a “Resonance” may randomly occur with another party member. Depending on the Kizuna that connects the two characters and their Personality, the character that activated the Resonance will perform an attack or support action with the player

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