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"And there she is right before your eyes..."
With PlayStation®VR, these girls seem to be right before your very eyes. Enjoy this unique communication experience for yourself!

SUMMER LESSON is a project to explore the potential for VR character interaction experience with continuous content development and delivery.

Interaction with Allison Snow
A relaxing summer vacation mini-holiday with blue skies, the sea, and nature. Spend 7 days with Allison in an old Japanese-style house set in a sleepy town by the beach. Let your worries melt away as you chat with her on the porch... It's a healing VR experience!

Interaction with Chisato Shinjo
The young lady of the renowned Shinjo family lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town. Spend 7 days with Chisato as her home tutor, teaching her about common knowledge and current trends from how to use computers, to opening her eyes to the fun of manga and games.

However, ordinary methods won't work with this lady! "You're employed by me," she says, as she drags you into her willful antics. A self-assured lady, there's nothing she likes more than seeing you get flustered... Truly a student unlike any you've taught before.

What surprises does this mysterious rich girl have in store? It's an exciting VR experience!

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