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VED is a story-driven RPG featuring stunning hand-drawn art and animation combined with a unique teleporting system, turn-based combat mechanics, and rogue-lite elements.

Immerse yourself in a fantastical world with a rich storytelling experience, dozens of irreversible consequences and alternative endings, and gameplay that’s easy to learn but difficult to master!

In VED, you take on the role of Cyrus, a young hero who comes to the city of Micropolis in search of a new life. There he suddenly discovers the ability to teleport between two interconnected worlds full of mysterious flying islands, strange creatures, and dangerous monsters. Unfold an interactive story where each decision matters and help Cyrus discover the truth about this magical place so that you can decide the fate of two worlds. To succeed in your quest, you will have to master the powerful magic of the Veds.

The game’s huge fantasy world, characters, and aesthetic design are inspired by various cultures and mythologies. Throughout Cyrus’s quest, he will encounter many factions that have different views on the events taking place. By helping inhabitants from magical lands and the real world, Cyrus will learn more about himself, both universes, and most importantly, how to save them all… Or become their doom.

Craft unique combinations of Veds by building new structures in the village for yourself and your allies to unlock new skills and abilities. Select magical powers that work together to efficiently dispatch foes and defeat even your strongest enemies. Explore two different worlds, encounter bizarre creatures, and master the magic of the Veds!


  • A non-linear story where every decision can lead to irreversible consequences and alternative endings
  • Several factions have different views on the events taking place. A dynamic system of relationships will allow you to influence the decisions of key characters
  • Innovative turn-based battle system. Use your positioning effectively to gain an advantage
  • Build a village for yourself and your allies to unlock new skills and abilities
  • A system of unique interactive events that impose curses or blessings on the hero, which may last until the end of the game
  • The game features an eclectic soundtrack that will accompany you on your adventure, spanning symphonic, folk, and hip-hop genres



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