PS5 Oxide Room 104 (ENG/EU)

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OXIDE Room 104 is a terrifying single-player, body-horror game based inside an old motel.

Kidnapped and imprisoned, under the mercy of a ruthless Doctor, you must try to escape the perilous situation and avoid a hideous creature stalking you.

You wake up in the bathtub of a motel room, naked, wounded, and with no memory of what happened. From this point, everything you do will lead you to one of four different endings. Three of them are not good at all...

  • A hideous creature stalking you at every turn and waiting for your mistakes
  • Holding you captive and punishing you for your transgressions
  • Inspired by some infamous body-horror film franchises, , Oxide Room 104 is a terrifying single player, horror game based inside an old motel
  • Every time you wake up in the bathtub, but things in the motel have changed; some options/items are not available, there are new ones, and others are simply not the same

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