PWNAGE Ultra Custom Ambi RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Solid Sides (White) (UC-A-S-W)

PWNAGESKU: 0850031708617

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Why it works

Hand size and Grip style lead to unique hand movements for each individual. Thus, ideal sensor position for everyone is different. The most optimal sensor postion allows for the least margin of error for you to perform at your best and increase your gaming skill.

Golden Ratio'd Ambidextrous

Over a year of shaping to find the ideal golden ratio'd shape for true ambidextrous use. Button layout allows for right and left handed users.

Swappable Side Buttons

Customizable for left and right handed users. Hotswappable side buttons allow for functioning or flat non clickable button options.

Swappable DPI Button

Select from a variety of DPI color options or remove the button completely to eliminate accidental clicks

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