Razer Seiren X Condenser Streaming Microphone For PS4

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The Razer Seiren X PS4 is the first officially licensed microphone for the PS4. It filters unwanted background noise and has a built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. Its sleek and compact build prevents any obstruction to your face so your audience can always enjoy a pro-level stream. We’ve partnered with Sony to develop the first officially licensed microphone for the PS4. It’s fully integrated with the console so you can get started on high quality streams quickly and easily. The supercardioid pickup pattern records sound at a tighter angle, reducing background noise so your audience can hear you with greater clarity as they tune into your high quality stream. The Razer Seiren X PS4 has extended frequency and transient response for more precise recording. It can pick up the smallest shifts in tone to give your stream its professional quality.


  • Officially licensed PS4 Microphone designed in collaboration with Sony to fully integrate with the console system
  • Ultra-Precise Pickup Pattern records sound at a tighter angle to reduce background noise for more clarity
  • Built-In Shock Mount dampens vibrations so your recording remains smooth and uninterrupted
  • Compact Form Factor sleek and subtle so your face isn’t obstructed when streaming
  • Zero Latency Monitoring Audio signals are synced in order to prevent the echo effect when streaming

Customer Reviews

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One hell of a "bang for the buck" hardware

This microphone is not an entry level microphone. While it does lack in software control, it is impressive in its own right by being more than capable of delivering superb quality of voice clarity and control over the receiver.

Great buy as always

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