Skull & Co. NSW Maxcarry Grip Case Crystal Bundle (Neon Red/Blue) (NSGCSET2-RB)

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The Ultimate Solution For Gamers Who Prefer SWITCH In Handheld Mode!

• A 2-in-1 accessory for your Switch: an ergonomic grip + a protective case
• Sleek look, various grip colors to match your Joy-Cons
• 3 pairs of interchangeable grips with a brand-new design to fit all hand sizes
• Slider design, much easier to switch grips
• Transparent body, show off your themed SWITCH
• Enlarged ZL/ZR buttons provide better control
• Soft TPU body provides solid protection, easy to fit and remove
• A hard shell carrying case provides a Spacious compartment for game cards, power bank, AC adapter (two pins), and even 3DS LX
• Dock Friendly*: no need to remove the GripCase when docking your SWITCH

*Some official docks are tighter/warped from heat which may affect this feature

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