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Thrustmaster is proud to introduce the fully Plug & Play GP XID PRO gamepad – the most precise gamepad on the market, thanks to its two fully progressive, 16 bit, high-resolution mini-sticks.*


*Tests show that the mini-sticks. (with optimized firmware) are 2 times more precise than those of other gamepads on the market (tests made in laboratory and in FPS games – performance charts available at our official website.)

Optimized for gameplay, with Xbox One-style ergonomics and unrivalled precision:

The GP XID PRO’s design provides ergonomics honed for gamers and features an optimized button, D-Pad and mini-stick layout. The result is a controller offering a natural grip, with quick and intuitive access to all features.

Thanks to a new firmware, the controller's ministicks provide optimized precision – twice as much as any other currently available controller – and 16-bit resolution, with 65,000 values per axis enough to satisfy the most demanding hardcore gamers!

Phenomenal features:

The GP XID PRO boasts a top-level feature set. The ministicks feature a rubber skin, while the controller's textured rear grip ensures optimum grip and comfort. The 2 long, curved progressive triggers offer perfect control and precision over all actions. The cross-shaped D-Pad delivers enhanced precision in all 8 directions.

The GP XID PRO features 12 digital action buttons and a Windows Live shortcut button. It is PC compatible and Plug & Play in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Solid components, ensuring enhanced robustness:

Its premium quality, professional-grade braided cable offers great sturdiness and an extended lifespan.

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